Solutions Leverage CA's Unicenter TNG To Enable End-To-End Management of Total eBusiness Value Chain.

CA World, New Orleans - April 11, 2000


CA-WORLD, NEW ORLEANS, April 11, 2000 -- Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) and its partners today announced and demonstrated new solutions based on CA's Unicenter INC that extend the reach of technology management beyond traditional enterprise IT technologies to give customers increased efficiency, reduced costs and new revenue opportunities.

The demonstrations were showcased aboard the luxurious Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner, Enchantment of the Seas, which is itself managed by Unicenter TNG. They underscored how mobile/wireless and networked devices and services -including cell phones, handheld computers, satellite dishes, two-way messaging pagers, automobiles, vending machines, and even refrigerators and microwaves- can be managed for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-commerce) transactions.

"Virtually every appliance today has intelligence and can be network-connected," said Ken Farber, CA senior vice president, worldwide alliances. "Our clients are using this intelligence to dramatically enhance the value of the products and services they provide and even to create whole new eBusiness opportunities."

More than ever before, companies are using mobile and wireless devices to increase productivity in the eBusiness workforce and to expand the reach of the eBusiness customer and supply bases.

"In a world of wireless communication and total connectivity, management tools become critical," said James Governor, analyst, llluminata, Inc. "CA has the infrastructure to deliver the value found in the network, and is establishing systematic broad-based partnerships to do so."

Among today's announcements:

CA introduced the Unicenter TNG Optimal Vending Solution to enable vending machines and kiosks to participate in the eBusiness economy. CA is partnering with cStar Technologies, Inc. to enable vending machines to participate as nodes in an intelligently managed network. Such networks enable vending machine managers to perform remote diagnostics, monitor inventory levels and price changes, schedule service calls, and track real-time sales through a wireless interface or a power line carrier. CA has chosen cStar, a leading developer of communicating control devices, as its initial development and marketing partner to deliver the Optimal Vending Solution. 

CA and American Mobile Satellite Corporation are jointly developing and marketing enterprise-wide eBusiness applications. The combined strength of Unicenter TNG with the wireless data networking and messaging experience of American Mobile and its ARDIS network addresses B2B market segments with mission-critical requirements such as finance, banking, legal, healthcare, real estate, and fleet management eDispatch. 

CA and CornTier, a leader in broadband satellite communications solutions, are providing managed satellite network systems for the delivery of high quality Internet, eCommerce and eBusiness applications and services. Leveraging Unicenter TNG with CornTier's broadband FreedomlP satellite communications networking applications delivers global interconnectivity to customer facilities, even those without a telecommunications infrastructure. 

ernWare Inc. is integrating its EMIT device networking infrastructure software with Unicenter TNG to empower companies to exploit a new class of e-smart devices from a single point of control, greatly reducing total costs of ownership and improving customer satisfaction. CA has joined the Extend The Internet (ETI) Alliance, a group of industry leaders founded by ernWare that is committed to extending the Internet to any device. 

Opto 22 is integrating its Web-enabled network-ready solution, the SNAP-IT family, with Unicenter TNG to support the linking of Real World devices with eBusiness infrastructures. This enables communication towers, server rooms, manufacturing machinery, oil and gas pipelines, refrigeration systems, and other devices to be managed on the same end-to-end basis as servers and desktops. The integrated solution enables companies to remotely manage assets beyond the traditional boundaries of IT from a single Unicenter TNG console, significantly reducing total costs of ownership and improving customer satisfaction. 

CA and Willhart Technologies are promoting the availability of Willhart's network management gateway technology, RAMA Mediator, for managing Real World interfaces through Unicenter INC. The solution is targeted at Internet and telecommunications service providers to remotely manage eBusiness infrastructures and to ensure continuity and quality of service. 

"By extending the power of Unicenter INC beyond traditional brick-and-mortar resources, CA is turning its proactive, predictive management technologies into solutions that will make companies both more competitive and better at serving their clients and partners," said Michael Dortch, se~Iior research analyst with The Robert Frances Group. "This greatly extends the value of products and services in the eBusiness supply chain."

Since successfully partnering with the West McLaren Mercedes Formula One Team four years ago, CA has led the industry in providing solutions that deliver the broad potential of end-to-end enterprise management to eBusiness challenges beyond conventional IT.

Additional initiatives have included management support for hand-held platforms based on Palm Inc.'s Palm OS and Microsoft's Windows CE, and development of the Unicenter INC Fleet Management System in partnership with Vetronix Corporation.

CA and its partners have also developed solutions that manage cell tower control systems, laboratory environmental control systems, and fuel dispensers.

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