cStar Technologies Inc. Expands SkyGate® Suite of Products Combining Wireless and Wire-Line Components


cStar Technologies Inc. Expands SkyGate® Suite of Products
 Combining Wireless and Wire-Line Components

Toronto, ON - July 2, 2009 - cStar Technologies Inc., a leader in two-way wireless data communications solutions for M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-men) and mobile-commerce applications, announces the integration of wire-line components to cStar's wireless SkyGate® suite of products. Customers can now select from various SkyGate® products to suit their physical layout by choosing wireless, wired, or a combination of wireless and wire-line components. This provides total flexibility and cost efficiencies to customers. Where customers have existing Ethernet cabling, SkyGate® Ethernet products can be plugged in. For customers without existing Ethernet cabling, SkyGate® wireless LAN (to wWAN, Ethernet, Intranet, Internet, etc.) products provide robust coverage without wireless communications charges and without the added costs of running cables and wires. For customers with limited existing Ethernet cabling, a combination of wireless and wire-line SkyGate® products provides flexibility, convenience, and cost savings.

President and CEO of cStar Technologies, Stella Yoon said, "With our SkyGate® suite of products, our customers can have reliable data communication to and from all corners of their property. They can choose our wireless SkyGate® products with robust coverage from the basement to 40+ stories of concrete buildings, or our wire-line SkyGate® products to take advantage of existing cabling or wiring, or use a combination of wireless and wire-line SkyGate® products. Whichever our customers choose, SkyGate® provides the ultimate flexibility to put together a solution that is just right for them."

cStar's Hospitality Genie™ cashless solution with expanded SkyGate® suite of products has been deployed to numerous vending machines in correctional services facilities to provide beverages, snacks, toiletries, and supplies without cash. Users swipe their existing ID cards to have purchases charged to their accounts. These facilities have been benefitting from solid performance, convenience, and cost-savings from cStar's Hospitality Genie™.

About SkyGate®

cStar's SkyGate® suite of products provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for various industries.

SkyGate® Multiplexer is a wireless network controller and access point that has the capacity to handle hundreds of SkyGate® Nodes. It provides the wireless network operation and management functionality, and seamless integration from wireless LAN to wireless WAN and to wire-line subnets and backbones (e.g. Ethernet, Intranet, Internet, etc.).

SkyGate® Node is a wireless or wire-line device that enables real-time, on-line data communications between non-IT devices and IT systems.

SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication and management functionality and service oriented framework for integration of services and components, targeting a multiplicity of industries and vertical markets including Life Sciences, Hospitality, and Security/Defence.

cStar's wireless SkyGate® Nodes and SkyGate® Multiplexers provide robust wireless connectivity either through wireless Local Area Network (wLAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) coverage. With its robust wireless network communication that can reach from the basement to 40+ floors of concrete buildings, cStar's SkyGate® wLAN End Nodes can be readily deployed anywhere on a property without any wiring based on an easily deployable dedicated wireless LAN. 

cStar's wire-line SkyGate® Nodes can be readily deployed anywhere on a property where there is pre-existing cabling or wiring. 

The ease of installation and set-up of the SkyGate® suite of products typically allows for single day deployment of the selected solution with minimal interruption to operations - downtime is counted in minutes. 

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