cStar Technologies Inc. Adds Another Patent to its Portfolio of Worldwide Intellectual Properties
- Canada Patent 2,523,832 Protects Technology Core for Brand Protection, Security & Defense, and Supply Chain Management Solutions

cStar Technologies Inc.  -  July 7, 2015

Vaughan , ON - July 7, 2015 - cStar Technologies Inc., the pioneer in wireless data communications solutions for Machine-to-Machine/Man (M2M) announces the addition of Canada Patent 2,523,832 "Container Including a Tamper-Resistant Seal and to a Radio Frequency Identification Seal" to its Portfolio of Intellectual Properties. Along with US Patent #8,036,779, this patent protects cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tag, the technology core of cStar Technologies Inc.'s Brand Protection, Security & Defense, and Supply Chain Management solutions..

cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tag is a simple electronic container seal that alerts customs inspection agents, shipping agents, and stakeholders if shipped goods have been tampered with or subject to any other suspicious activity prior to arriving at a port, border or point along the supply chain.

Because it is impossible to open and adequately inspect every container that arrives at a port, border, or point along the supply chain, cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tag can help governments and commercial enterprises solve supply-chain security problems.

cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tags alert customs inspection agents (via automated portal or handheld device) of containers that have been tampered with prior to their arrival at the border. For high risk shippers, cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tag solution detects and notifies customs agents of critical events as well as less serious tamper alerts.

For commercial enterprises, cStar Technologies Inc.'s RFID Stealth tag solution provides security and audit throughout the entire supply chain and provides product tracking and routing info that can help companies streamline shipping and guarantee the safety of their cargo.


About SkyGate® Suite of Products

cStar's SkyGate® suite of products provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for various industries.  SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication, management functionality, and service-oriented framework for integration of services and components, targeting a multitude of industries and vertical markets including Health Care, Life Sciences, Hospitality, and Security/Defence.

About cStar Technologies Inc.

cStar Technologies Inc. is a pioneer of wireless data communication solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine/huMan) and mobile commerce applications. Protected by multiple patents, its core solutions include wireless, cashless, and remote monitoring and tracking systems for the hospitality, vending, life sciences, and security/defence industries through a powerful wireless network that can cover from the basement to 40+ floors of a concrete building without airtime charges.



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