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RFID Brand Protection

Wireless Automatic Supply Chain Management

Wireless/Cashless Payment Management

cStar's Brand Check Global brand protection solution provides an unsurpassed level of visibility and actionable intelligence enabling the prevention and defense against brand piracy.     cStar's eDispense system is a remote-monitored vending apparatus for life science products, including reagents, enzymes and controlled narcotics, which need to be stored in chilled or frozen environments. A wirelessly-enabled dispensing system, eDispense provides controlled, 24-hour access to products in a secure, paperless environment.     cStar Technologies offers a hospitality guest room key, RFID wristband, and/or prepaid card enabled cashless, wireless vending solution with real-time vending management tools for hotels, waterpark resorts, gyms, schools, enterprises, etc. Hospitality Genie™ enables cashless transactions from vending machines, arcades, photo booths, parking, business centers, laundries, etc.    
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