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cStar's e-Dispense™ system is a remote-monitored vending apparatus for life science products, including reagents, enzymes and controlled narcotics, which need to be stored in chilled or frozen environments. A wirelessly-enabled dispensing system, e-Dispense™ uses Spread Spectrum local area networks and/or cellular networks to provide controlled, 24-hour access to products in a secure, paperless environment.

e-Dispense™ is a true on-line, real-time, end-to-end turnkey solution that offers:

  • ISO magnetic stripe card compatibility
  • encoding equipment
  • vending equipment
  • glass front advertising
  • wireless local or wide area networking
  • comprehensive e-commerce management
  • product and machine support and
  • back-end software necessary for automated billing.
e-Dispense™ also provides advanced tactile support, ensuring compatibility with varying product-packaging formats; it's an ideal turnkey solution for boosting marketing incentive programs and eliminating product shortages.

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