CA and cStar Partner to Deliver Increased Customer Service Levels and Reduced Operational Costs With Remote eBusiness Management Application

CA World, New Orleans - April 11, 2000

CA and cStar Partner to Deliver Increased Customer Service Levels and Reduced Operational Costs With Remote eBusiness Management Application

CA WORLD, NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 11, 2000-Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced a remote management solution that gives the global vending machine industry opportunities for new revenue creation while dramatically lowering operational costs.

The Unicenter TNG Optimal Vending Solution is the latest in a series of Real World Management solutions from CA that enables end-to-end management of the total eBusiness value chain, including such non-traditional elements as energy and power management systems, satellite communications, vending machines, ATMs, vehicle fleets, and shop floor machinery.

Based on the proven capabilities of Unicenter TNG to monitor and manage large volumes of data from disparate sources, the Unicenter TNG Optimal Vending Solution enables vending machines and kiosks to participate in the eBusiness economy. The solution allows vending machines to participate as nodes in an intelligently-managed network. Such networks enable vending machine managers to perform remote diagnostics, monitor inventory levels, schedule service calls, and track real-time sales through a wireless interface or a power line carrier

CA has chosen cStar Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of communicating control devices, as its initial development and marketing partner to deliver the Optimal Vending Solution. The solution exploits several patented cStar communication gateway technologies, embedded in its SkyGate®, DirectGate™ and ThruGate® products. It enables vending machines to communicate telemetry data over a variety of media, such as wireless WAN and LAN, landline and power line carrier.

"The Unicenter TNG Optimal Vending Solution has the potential to become the most significant development for the vending industry since the introduction of the dollar bill changer," said John Pincomb, CA vice president, Real World Management solutions. "For the first time, managers of large vending machine networks will be able to collect actionable information on a real-time, centralized basis, saving their companies money and creating new revenue opportunities."

The U.S. vending market alone is a $28 billion industry, according to the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). Vending managers are increasingly challenged to leverage the power of new technology to better manage their assets and enhance the efficiency of operations.

The Optimal Vending Solution provides a complete management environment. It gives operators an intuitive three-dimensional user interface up front and a secure Internet connection in the back. From a centralized console, operators can visualize the internals of thousands of vending machines and kiosks in real time to determine and control inventory, cash flow, open doors, temperature aberrations, security, and maintenance.

"The Optimal Vending Solution will bring the benefits of the network economy to an industry that is just waiting for cost-effective solutions that add the value of the Internet to its assets," said Pincomb. "Once connected to a management network, vendors may check the sales for each machine, be notified of machine jams, process real-time transactions with credit cards, and even enable dynamic pricing."

"We are very excited about our partnership with Computer Associates," said Solbyung (Stella) Yoon, CEO of cStar Technologies. "The Optimal Vending Solution is a recognition of the critical competencies cStar and CA bring to the millions of consumers around the world who use vending machines to buy everything from beverages and food items, to cosmetics and office supplies."

cStar's contribution to the solution includes the wireless transmission equipment embedded in the vending machines and kiosks. CA's contribution is the management and visualization software that enables management of all traditional and non-traditional assets on the network. "Together, the two partners offer a cost-effective solution that transforms vending machines from simple point of sale devices at the very end of the transaction to interactive participants in the value chain," said Yoon. 

The Optimal Vending Solution features automatic "discovery" of managed vending machines, integrated data backup and security, as well as integration with CA's help desk application suite to ensure the safeguarding of critical information, such as financial reports, from intrusion.

CA and cStar also intend to work together to create additional solutions to monitor and manage other non-traditional IT resources such as utility meters, courier drop boxes, HVAC systems, pipe lines, freight and forestry controls, traffic lights, ATMs and home appliances.

cStar has worked with CA's Development Partner Program to attain "Unicentered" certification for its SkyGate®, DirectGate™ and ThruGate® products. "Unicentered" products undergo rigorous testing to ensure users out-of-the-box integration with Unicenter TNG.

About cStar Technologies, Inc.

Based in Toronto, Canada, cStar Technologies, Inc. develops embedded, wireless transmission systems to integrate emerging communications technologies. Its patented SkyGate® with DirectGate™ solutions exploit packet digital networks to make formerly incompatible networks talk to each other. Entering its third year of operations, the company is currently developing wireless systems to monitor remote equipment and infrastructures. For more information, visit www.cstartech.com

About Computer Associates International, Inc.

Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), the world's leading business software company, delivers the end-to-end infrastructure to enable eBusiness through innovative technology, services and education. CA has 18,000 employees worldwide and had revenue of $6.3 billion for the year ended December 31, 1999. For more information, visit www.ca.com


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