Imagine not requiring the use of money to buy a can of pop or a chocolate bar from a vending machine.

Toronto Metro, Daily newspaper - Tuesday, April 22, 2003, page 23.


Toronto-based cStar Technologies Inc. is bringing wireless communications to a whole new level. They offer a cell-phone dial-up technology solution for all types of cell-phones, with the capability designed for purchases from vending machines.


This wireless innovation brings consumers to a cashless environment, making any type of purchase available anywhere, anytime. 

cStar's SkyGate product line is a wireless gateway designed for non-IT devices, such as vending machines. Thanks to SkyGate, technicians will know which vending machines don't need to be visited. 


"Cashless vending machines can save companies money (up to 60 per cent) by sending alerts through either the carrier or wireless networks to the technician," said Stella Yoon, president and CEO of cStar. 


"These alerts can tell the technician which machine needs to be serviced right away and why. For example, it will tell them if an item needs to be restocked, or if there's a coin jam."


Purchases made over a cell-phone would be added to your cell-phone bill. The billing system is still being worked on and is in final negotiating stages. Companies like Bell, and Rogers, AT&T have showed a great interest in this cashless vending machines venture.


Stella Yoon, President and CEO of cStar Technologies. 

 cStar specializes in two-way wireless data communication solutions for M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-men) and mobile-commerce applications. They develop, manufacture and market communication products that connect companies' non-IT systems wirelessly, enabling them to monitor, control and manage machines remotely.


"SkyGate is basically a communications device which connects any non-IT device to the IT world," said Yoon. "I believe that this is only the precursor of mobile commerce."


According to Yoon, cStar is focusing on the "third wave" of the Internet. The first wave let users connect their PCs through landline, while the second wave brought wireless data to cell-phones and PDAs. The third wave brings wireless capabilities to the non-IT world. Yoon said, "It's the beginning of a whole new technological world."


Already introduced in Japan and the U.S., cell-phone vending can be expected to hit Canada as early as this summer.


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