Hotel Guest Room Keys Now Deliver Cashless Purchases of 24/7 Food & Ice Cream

cStar Technologies Inc.  -  February 26, 2008



Las Vegas, NV (Feb. 26, 2008) - cStar Technologies Inc., a leader in wireless cashless self serve solutions and Fastcorp LLC a leading frozen vending solutions provider, have collaborated to showcase hotel guest key based cashless vending technology at this year's HotelWorld Expo. cStar's cashless vending solution, Vending Genie™ Hospitality has been seamlessly interfaced with Fastcorp's Z-400 Robotic Frozen Vendors to deliver this innovative cashless vending solution specifically for the hospitality market.

Vending purchase transactions are wirelessly approved and posted to the guest's folio for payment at checkout or to the guest's prepaid account. A simple swipe of the room key card/RFID wristband is all that is needed for guests to purchase goods throughout the property.

President and CEO of cStar Technologies, Inc., Stella Yoon said, "We are pleased to work with Fastcorp and bring this room key enabled cashless frozen food vending solution to the market, as a natural extension to soda, snack and ice cream cashless vending. Guests in hotels and resorts no longer need cash in hand to purchase water, sports drinks, sodas, snacks, ice cream, and now frozen foods from vending machines ... all they need is what they already have - room key cards/RFID wristbands. cStar's application eDispense™ HT, the engine behind Vending Genie™ Hospitality, can also deliver the same cashless payment method for all other self service areas such as arcades, photo booths, business centers, parking and laundry facilities."

Todd Piatnik, President of Fastcorp LLC, said "Hotel and resort operators were the first to deploy room key cashless ice cream vending using Fastcorp dedicated ice cream vendors. The deployment model proved to be very profitable. High profit margins, price points and machine reliability resulted in an attractive ROI proposition. Now, extended stay and budget hotels can offer equally cost effective and profitable food service solutions for their guests using our combo vendor, the Food Court Express™. With a simple swipe of a room key card or RFID wristband, guests can enjoy both food and ice cream from a single machine any time day or night."

HotelWorld Expo visitors will be able to experience the room key card and RFID wristband cashless vending at the Fastcorp booth (#1445) and at the cStar Technologies booth (#1444). 

About cStar Technologies, Inc.
cStar Technologies Inc. is a global provider of wireless (LAN/WAN) data communication solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine/Men) and mobile commerce applications. Protected by multiple patents, its core solutions include award winning cashless wireless vending, RFID, life sciences, and security applications.

About Vending Genie™ Hospitality
cStar's Vending GenieTM Hospitality solution turns existing cash based hotel vending into cashless point-of-sale locations interfacing with the hotel's PMS for validation, credit check and transaction posting. With its robust wireless network communication, cStar's Vending Genie™ cashless payment system can be readily deployed anywhere in the hotel without any wiring. One Vending Genie™ server can handle numerous point of sale applications such as vending, arcades, business centers, etc.

For more information, visit www.cstartech.com

About Fastcorp LLC
Fastcorp is the world's leading manufacturer of frozen vacuum robotic vending equipment. It's line of Z-400 Frozen Vendors come in 2 basic configurations: 1) Food Court Express, combo food & ice cream vendor, 2) Cool Escape Generic Ice Cream Vendor including branded ice cream vendors and programs available through the major ice cream brand partners. Fastcorp vendors offer superior merchandising, reliability and the lowest energy consumption of any frozen or refrigerated vendor in its class. 

For more information, visit www.fastcorpvending.com 


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