Correctional Services Facilities Take Advantage of cStar's Hospitality Genie™SkyGate Prepaid Payment™ Management Module to Provide Cashless, Convenient, Efficient, and Safe Canteen Services


Correctional Services Facilities Take Advantage of cStar's Hospitality Genie™ 
SkyGate Prepaid Payment™ Management Module 
to Provide Cashless, Convenient, Efficient, and Safe Canteen Services

Toronto, ON - April 26, 2010 - Taking advantage of cStar's award winning SkyGate Hospitality Genie™ Server platform running the SkyGate Prepaid Payment™ Management Module application, Correctional Services divisions have been enjoying the benefits of providing convenient, safe, and reliable cashless canteen services for their inmates through vending machines equipped with SkyGate® Nodes within their facilities.

Traditionally, inmates submit a written order form to request items such as toiletries, supplies, snacks, etc. and then wait for items to be delivered to them. This manual process is not only resource and time intensive; it also lends itself to errors and disputes.

Completely cashless using existing inmate ID media, inmates are now able to self-serve their canteen services with access to beverages, snacks, toiletries, and supplies throughout the facilities in a convenient, efficient, and safe manner with payment for purchases deducted in real-time from their accounts.

Inmate self-serve canteen services provide many benefits to inmates, facilities staff, administration, and canteen services providers alike. Inmates are able to conveniently and quickly make purchases from vending machines using their existing inmate IDs without waiting for manual deliveries. Staff safety is improved with the elimination of disputes regarding orders and reduced direct contact with inmates. Cost savings are realized with the elimination of paper order forms and the realignment of staff to higher priority tasks.

About SkyGate Prepaid Payment™ Management Module

SkyGate Prepaid Payment™ Management Module application enables customers to provide and manage cashless prepaid transactions in a cost-effective, convenient, efficient, and safe manner in any type of environment including hotels, schools, offices, correctional facilities, seniors' residences, private clubs, gyms, etc. with the cost-saving ability of utilizing customer's existing magnetic stripe or RFID media such as cards, wristbands, or fobs.

About SkyGate® Suite of Products

cStar's SkyGate® suite of products provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for various industries. SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication, management functionality, and service-oriented framework for integration of services and components, targeting a multitude of industries and vertical markets including Life Sciences, Hospitality, and Security/Defence.

About cStar Technologies Inc.

cStar Technologies Inc. is a global provider of wireless data communication solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine/huMan) and mobile commerce applications. Protected by multiple patents, its core solutions include wireless, cashless, and remote monitoring and tracking systems for the hospitality, vending, life sciences, and security/defence industries through a powerful wireless network that can cover from the basement to 40+ floors of a concrete building without airtime charges.

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