DirectGate® is a high performance gateway and middleware solution that works in conjunction with cStar's SkyGate® technology to bridge application servers and various wireless and wired networks, providing client-server connectivity where client and server are located on different networks using different communications protocols. Using cStar's DirectGate® solution, wireless devices can communicate with servers running on landline-based networks, leveraging existing IT resources to make critical data available in real-time, online, through secure channels.
DirectGate® makes real-time data exchange between different devices and networks a reality. DirectGate® is based on open system architecture that provides a user-friendly interface for application servers and various networks. The multi-protocol conversion feature of DirectGate® allows devices that support completely different protocols to communicate with one another and also provides bandwidth-efficient switching and routing capabilities.

DirectGate® saves bandwidth. Built on cStar's own Wireless Transport Protocol, DirectGate® compresses data, optimizing actual channel throughput so you can get more value from existing IT resources.

DirectGate® is secure and reliable. DirectGate® features system backup and fail over tools that ensure system reliability in the event of external communications problems or an internal system failure - meaning you can access the data you need to do business no matter what. And DirectGate® features enhanced private key exchange for maximum security.

DirectGate® is scalable. DirectGate® provides internal and external channel multiplexing for effective load balancing and easy expansion of system capacity - so it can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

DirectGate® is easy to use. An intuitive interface and well-designed tools make DirectGate® configuration and maintenance a straightforward process. Even better, the architecture of DirectGate® means you can use these tools remotely, eliminating geographical constraints and boosting efficiency and flexibility.

DirectGate® facilitates full system management. DirectGate® makes full system management as convenient as possible by providing a wide variety of standard network management protocols.

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