ThruGate® is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based communications server capable of automatically detecting and converting communications protocols between devices and various networks. Its advanced AI components and use of logical connectivity allow it to seamlessly connect clients and servers running on entirely different networks using entirely different protocols.

The server has full routing, bridging, switching, and protocol converting capabilities that allow it to provide perfect connectivity from any device to any server, anywhere. ThruGate® was specifically designed to handle the inherent problems of transferring data from wireless networks to and from the standard landline based systems.

ThruGate® is a fully open, distributed system running on the enterprise level network. Its design makes use of the latest technology as well as several specially designed protocols (Logical Message Protocol, Wireless Transport Protocol etc.) that make it even more useful.

ThruGate® also has all of the standard extra components and tools that make it a truly full-featured communications server. These tools allow easy modifications to the system configurations, data monitoring and tracing, traffic statistics, network utilization information, and encryption.

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