Overview     SkyGate® Cargo Secure  
cStar's SkyGate® Cargo Secure solution is a simple and cost-effective solution for supply-chain security problems. Using cStar's internationally patented wireless technology, pRFID Stealth tags, SkyGate Cargo Secure effectively eliminates the following security issues:
1. Cross Border Cargo Inspection
Based on advanced wireless communications technology, cStar's SkyGate® Cargo Secure is effective, inexpensive and easy to deploy - in short, it's poised to revolutionize the way cross-border cargo is inspected. This simple and easy to implement passive RFID solution significantly reduces the time and cost associated with the manual inspection of all cross-border cargo, efficiently and accurately identifying suspicious containers early in the inspection process.

SkyGate® Cargo Secure alerts customs inspection agents (via automated portal or handheld device) of containers and cargo that have been tampered with prior to their arrival at the border. For high risk shippers, SkyGate® Cargo Secure detects and notifies customs agents of critical events as well as less serious tamper alerts.

2. Supply Chain Security
cStar's SkyGate® Cargo Secure solution also makes it an exceptionally efficient method for shipping companies to track and route their cargo. For security-sensitive industries (i.e., food and drug or high cost/volume product suppliers), SkyGate® Cargo Secure provides security and audit efficiency throughout the entire supply chain and provides product tracking and routing info that can help companies streamline shipping and guarantee the safety of their cargo.
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