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Curb-side Pinging using wireless LAN (w/LAN in-Truck spread-spectrum)
With cStar's wireless LAN SkyGate® installed in vending machines and route vehicles, drivers can collect vending machine data remotely while driving along a specific route. Wireless data collection means the driver receives inventory information from specific vending machines ahead of time, which eliminates service review time, saves stops, time and stock-outs. The driver can then upload vending machine data onto a backend system at the head office in order to maintain accurate, comprehensive records of product sales (cash or/and cashless) and inventory activity. There are no airtime communication charges incurred with a w/LAN solution.

This solution is a combination of our w/LAN SkyGate® and Route Manager® products

cStar is the only provider of this popular wireless LAN Curb-side PINGING solution, which is revolutionizing the telemetry industry. This solution vastly improves vending route efficiency in the vending industry and lowers operating costs by using networked SkyGate® products. cStar offers seven compelling reasons to choose this solution:

  1. Manage ALL vending machines - either Electronic (DEX enabled) or Mechanical - across an entire route
  2. Economic flexibility (i.e. 80%-100% SkyGate® & Route Manager® installations for busy metro routes - the rest can be managed using the same Route Manager® handheld)
  3. No monthly airtime charges - which eliminates communication costs
  4. Powerful in-building penetration and long range coverage (500 meters to over 30 Kms)
  5. Modular scalability to easily fit into wireless WAN
  6. Easy to install by vending service technicians
  7. Routine automatic PINGING at all vending locations as well as at the warehouse
Remote online monitoring and control using wireless Wide Area Network (w/WAN)
Vending operators can monitor vending machine data remotely at the corporate office/depot or home office using cStar's wireless WAN solutions. The data available over the w/WAN includes detailed inventory tracking, cash box information and electric power status, as well as information on the general welfare of each vending machine. With a w/WAN solution, drivers can determine service requirements and stock quantities before leaving the depot, while vending operators can monitor and manage their operation remotely and can adjust price points from the depot without needing to physically re-configure their vending machines each time a price changes.
Monthly airtime applies.

This solution is a combination of our w/WAN and integration or customized back-end software

Direct data retrieval with stand alone handheld
With cStar's Route Manager® handheld software, route drivers can collect vending data from both DEX enabled and mechanical machines. Vending data can then be uploaded from the handheld device to a backend tracking system in the office or warehouse.

This solution is a stand alone vending management software solution for small size vending operations.
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