NAMA National Expo

October 25 - 27, 2006 - Booth #1731

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

NAMA National Expo - October 25 - 27, 2006 


cStar Technologies Inc. demonstrated its 2006 gold M2M Value Chain Award winning Vending Genie along with its powerful Route Manager® solutions.

Vending Genie™ is a wireless cashless solution that turns hotel guest key cards and/or guest cell phones into e-wallets for vending purchases in hotel/motel/resort/hospitality environments. Hotel guests simply check in and use their room key cards or cell phones to purchase water, juice, sports drinks, sodas, snacks, etc. from any hotel vending machine with purchases appearing on their hotel invoice.

At the NAMA National Expo, cStar Technologies Inc. demonstrated the ease of use and the flexibility of Vending Genie™ by vending products using traditional and RFID-enabled:

  • Hotel guest key cards

  • Prepaid cards

  • Credit Cards

  • Cell phones

cStar's Route Manager® solution combines powerful wLAN (wireless Local Area Network) curbside polling via cStar's SkyGate™ telemetry device with proprietary front end application software that enables handheld terminals to effectively manage routes (e.g. for vending operations). 

Route Manager® allows you to retrieve critical data from the vending machines, produce reports and synchronize data between handheld devices and desktop systems, providing you with real-time vending information so you can optimize route management. It compiles cash information, sales reviews, stock and machine status, as well as security alarms and errors, allowing you to act on real-time sales data, fine tune brand distribution and service malfunctioning machines faster. 

Because each machine is different (Electronic or Mechanical) and each route is unique, Route Manager® is configured to meet the demands of any vending machine and route - which means vending operators can easily customize each route to reduce operating costs and increase sales.

Route Manager® offers the following benefits:

  • Curbside polling of vendor health status and inventory

  • No air-time charges with wLAN

  • Strong wireless signal

    • Reach terminals through 30 floors of concrete.

    • Range of 60+ miles line of sight

  • Manage vendors of all revenue levels by using a range of data collection options - full telemetry, DEX port data retrieval, or manual entry.