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Protected by US Patents 6563813, 6873620, 7559482, 8063779, 8145546, 9070068, 9483724, 10008083

cStar's TrakR series is an end-to-end, wirelessly-enabled system that tracks the distribution of medical and life science products stored in freezers and refrigerators.

TrakRL-7 is a card scanning module that can be easily retrofitted to freezers and refrigerators. TrakRL-7 integrates with handheld devices to collect and store data transmitted via RS232 or Blue Tooth protocols. The TrakRL-7 card scanning module includes:
  • A 'clamping style' magnetic-stripe ISO card insert reader
  • A bar-code reader
  • A user-friendly LED interface
  • Door switch contacts
  • An internal power supply and battery charging circuit
  • A battery back-up
  • A 110-volt power cord
  • Totally enclosed metal casing (in powder-coated baked enamel-white), and
  • Four mounting screws
TrakRL-14 provides the same features and functionality as TrakRL-7, but uses wireless local area networks to store recorded data for quick, easy transmission to main storeroom PCs. TrakRL-14 also includes:
  • A SkyGate® WLAN series
  • An external 'patch-antenna'
  • An ethernet connection to WWAN
TrakRL-21 provides the same features and functionality as TrakRL-14 and incorporates an Electronic Door Lock for enhanced security. The TrakRL-14 module also:
  • Monitors freezer/refrigerator temperature and compressor status and displays compressor condition
  • Signals alarms using a local audio siren
  • Automatically sends a time stamped text message to the administrative PC if the refrigerator/freezer door is left open for a preset amount of time or if the power to the refrigerator/freezer is disconnected
  • Incorporates a wide-angle camera for additional security
TrakRL-28 provides the same features and functionality as TrakRL-21, but adds wide area networking capabilities for reporting on-line, real-time transactions and supply levels to supplier IT Offices. The TrakRL-28 module also:
  • Collects up to 200 TrakRL-21 model transmissions of freezer/refrigerator data in a single report
  • Provides a single uplink via GSM, GPRS or ARDIS wireless wide area networks
  • Features an acoustic antenna system for detecting product removal and retrieval
TrakR™ Software is a backend application that runs on the entire TrakR series (L-7, L-14, L-21 and L-28).

Integration with the Main Servicing Storeroom
With TrakRL-7 you can download refrigerator/freezer data onto a hand-held device via RS232 or Blue Tooth and then use the device to upload the data onto the storeroom PC. With TrakRL-14 and L-21, data is directly transferred to the storeroom PC via a Wireless Local Area Network comprised of a cStar Multiplexer connected to the storeroom PC. This sub-network runs on ISMB 1 (900MHz) or 2 (2.4GHz). TrakRL-28 uses a Wireless Wide Area Network to transmit refrigerator/freezer data to both the storeroom PC and supplier IT offices in real-time, making for an extremely efficient supply monitoring and distribution solution.
The storeroom PC connects to a SkyGate VVS-1000 Multiplexer with a range of approximately 5 miles and a capacity of 200 freezers per site, offering centralized, scalable monitoring and tracking of supplies. The storeroom PC runs cStar e-TrakR™ software, which monitors product sell-through, manages replacement stock for space-to-sales, tracks product shelf-life, time stamps transactions and door open/close activity and verifies end-user access and product distribution. e-TrakR™ then automatically encrypts and transmits freezer data by Ethernet to supplier or manufacturer IT offices. For enhanced security, e-TrakR™ monitors and records all end-user names, IDs and account numbers.

cStar's TrakR™ series is protected by the following patents:

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