cStar is at the forefront of mobile M2M technology, which enables machines and business systems, as well as machines and people, to communicate wirelessly, regardless of the time and place. Our product line offers a combination of RFID, wireless LAN & WAN, and wireline solutions based on the following key product/technology foundation.

A wireless mobile and fixed transmission and receiving device that supports multi-network protocols and technologies, including RFID, wireless LAN, wireless WAN, and telephone line.
A high performance multi-protocol converter/gateway with proprietary compression and encryption technology.
An Artificial Intelligence based communications server capable of automatically detecting and converting communications protocols between devices and various networks. 
pRFID Stealth Tag
A simple electronic container seal that provides security and audit functionality, and alerts stakeholders if items have been tampered with or subject to any other suspicious activity. 

The pRFID Stealth Tag also functions as a strain gauge device indicating if strain thresholds have been crossed.

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