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Route Manager®
Protected by US Patents 6563813, 6873620, 8145546

Route Manager® is proprietary front-end application software that enables handheld terminals to effectively manage routes (e.g. for vending operations). Route Manager® allows you to retrieve critical data from the vending machines, produce reports and synchronize data between handheld devices and desktop systems, providing you with real-time vending information so you can optimize route management. It compiles cash information, sales reviews, stock and machine status, as well as security alarms and errors, allowing you to act on real-time sales data, fine tune brand distribution and service malfunctioning machines faster. Because each machine is different (Electronic or Mechanical) and each route is unique, Route Manager® is configured to meet the demands of any vending machine and route - which means vending operators can easily customize each route to reduce operating costs and increase sales.

cStar's Route Manager® is protected by the following patents:

US Patent 6563813 
Wireless Transport Protocol

US Patent 6873620 
Communications server including virtual gateway to perform protocol conversion and communication systems incorporating the same

US Patent 8145546 
System and Method for Tracking Inventory


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