Issue or Problem
Recent outbreaks of dangerous or highly infectious diseases and the rapid spread of these diseases to distant parts of the world illustrate the increased prospect of diseases being spread from medical facilities to surrounding communities and to regions outside Canada. To avoid more costly and potentially deadly outbreaks of infectious disease, there is a critical need for healthcare institutions to effectively address and resolve a number of issues related to the control and containment of infectious disease, including:
  • Inconsistent monitoring and tracking of patients and personnel in hospitals and medical facilities
  • Inaccurate records of human activity within hospitals and medical facilities
  • Slow or otherwise ineffective sharing of crucial information among hospitals and health agencies
cStar Solution
RFID Cataloging & Monitoring

cStar's RFID Cataloguing & Monitoring Solution uses RFID electronic tagging of SIN, SSN and fixed wrist bracelets, together with wireless data tracking and web-based reporting technology, to accurately track and catalogue the movement and activity of people within hospitals and other medical facilities in real-time. cStar's RFID Cataloguing & Monitoring Solution provides comprehensive real-time information on people's movements within hospitals and medical facilities, which can quickly be shared among medical institutions and health agencies in order to decrease the chances of diseases being spread to surrounding communities and beyond


The cStar e-Dispense™ system provides authorized users with around-the-clock access to climate-sensitive and restricted medical and life science products, while automatically managing and tracking inventory, compiling accurate sales data and logging all machine activity. Only users with authorized swipe cards can access the dispensing apparatus and administrators can remotely view a comprehensive log of user statistics and product sales for a given machine, in real-time, via encrypted web pages. Automated inventory and supply chain management eliminates the chance that a dispensing apparatus will sell-out of a crucial product when it's needed most. And the e-Dispense™ system's automated security function monitors machine temperatures and alerts administrators to temperature fluctuations and system errors in real-time - so e-Dispense™ users get the products they need, when they need them, in a secure, automated environment.


cStar's e-TrakR™ series is an end-to-end, wirelessly-enabled system that tracks the distribution of medical and life science products stored in freezers and refrigerators.
With cStar's e-TrakR™ solution, you can store, refrigerate and distribute restricted products in an automated, secure, paperless environment, while remotely monitoring inventory and collecting accurate statistics on product use and sales. And TrakR™'s fail-safe early alarms mean you can be confident that refrigeration units are functioning properly, storage temperatures are consistent and your products are secure at all times.
With e-TrakR™, you can remotely monitor and manage every detail of your inventory and respond quickly to sales activity and product storage conditions to eliminate product shortages and product expiration, significantly boosting both operation efficiency and customer service. And e-TrakR™ supports activity-based accounting, so you can track products to projects, researchers and grants and maintain comprehensive records of end-user access and product distribution.

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