Founded in 1998, cStar Technologies Inc. specializes in two-way, wireless data communication solutions for M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-men, machine-to-mobile) and mobile-commerce applications. We develop and market communication products that wirelessly connect companies' non-IT assets to their IT systems, enabling them to monitor, control and manage machines remotely, to automate various processes and to create value-added services.

Based on internationally patented Wireless Transport Protocol and Virtual Gateway technologies, our wireless, cashless, automatic supply chain management tools deliver an end-to-end solution for supply problems effecting various industries.

pRFID Stealth Tag
  • pRFID Materials Fatigue Detection
    • Solutions monitor materials for strain levels and early detection of fatigue fractures that could lead to catastrophic failure.

  • pRFID Brand Protection / Supply-Chain Management
    • Solutions provide visibility and actionable intelligence for supply-chain security and for enabling the prevention and defense against brand piracy.
    • Smartphone application enables the verification of a product's authenticity in real time.

  • Security & Defense
    • Wireless Security and Asset Monitoring
Wireless Cashless Payment Management and Dispensing
  • Hospitality
    • Hospitality room key cards/wristbands offer guest-centric self-serve cashless payment
    • Unattended     Wireless     Cashless

  • Life Science & Health Care
    • Wireless-enabled dispensing machines and freezers (e-Dispense™ & TrakR™)
    • RFID cataloging and monitoring
    • Automatic supply chain management

  • Vending
    • Vending Data Management: remote wireless L/WAN data collection, direct DEX data retrieval and curbside Pinging (Route Manager®)
    • Cashless/Wireless vending
In addition, with our advanced wireless data communication technology, technical knowledge and flexibility, we can provide customized mobile M2M solutions to meet the unique requirements of specific customers.
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