Since cStar's inception in 1998, we have embraced the cost of true innovation and being a true pioneer - fear that our technologies are "too early for the market" - and have boldly continued to develop and implement exciting M2M (machine to machine/man/mobile) technologies for national and international markets.

Our priority has always been to use our extensive scientific research and development, and wireless communications expertise - from long distance (w/WAN), to the last mile (w/LAN), to the last inch (RFID) - to create cost-effective solutions to problems facing industries in a rapidly changing world.

cStar was the first to develop and market a compact wireless data management solution combined with cashless transaction functionality via cellular phone and card to provide an all-in-one vending management solution. This was soon followed by the implementation of a revolutionary wireless supply chain management solution for the Life Science market, Hospitality market, and Security/Defense sector.

Our focus on wireless technologies ultimately evolved to a wireless virtual gateway engine with an artificial intelligence that helps our customers manage their data services and serve their customers most efficiently and effectively.

Our intellectual properties cover a wide range of wireless technologies and applications - from a Wireless Transport Protocol that provides the fastest and most efficient data exchange over wireless networks; to an RFID invisible passive seal that enables 100% security verification of cargo at border crossings, ports, and along the supply chain; to revolutionary Brand Protection technologies which can ultimately save billions of dollars in lost revenues to counterfeit goods, and more importantly, empower end-users and brand owners to validate the authenticity of goods in real-time; to applications for the real-time wireless detection and alerting of miniscule materials fatigue fractures to prevent catastrophic failures - our wireless solutions are as imaginative as they are practical.

For nearly 20 years, our innovative wireless solutions have been performing with ultimate excellence for our customers worldwide by bringing them high Returns on Investment and great intangible benefits.

We are passionately moving forward with deploying our innovative solutions in the global marketplace and fiercely forging ahead with our scientific research and development to continue creating innovative technologies and solutions, even in tough economic times when these efforts may be considered a risky business proposition.

Innovation thrives when we dare to take risks.

My deepest thanks go out to our indispensable entrepreneurial teams, customers, partners, advisors, and investors.

Most Cordially,

Stella Yoon
President & CEO
cStar Technologies Inc.

Awardee, Chivalry Innovation
Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, 2004
M2M Gold Awardee, Value Chain Awards, 2005, Texas , USA


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