cStar Technologies Inc. Announces New Website for Real Time Brand Protection Solutions

cStar Technologies Inc.  -  October 1, 2014

Vaughan , ON - October 1, 2014 - cStar Technologies Inc., the pioneer in wireless data communications solutions for Machine-to-Machine/Man (M2M) announces the launch of its BrandCheckGlobal.com website for Real Time Brand Protection Solutions..

Protected by US Patent 8,063,779 "Container Including a Tamper-Resistant Seal and Radio Frequency Identification Seal", cStar's Stealth RFID tags provide the backbone and technological core of cStar's Brand Protection/Supply-Chain Management and Security & Defense solutions.

cStar's Stealth RFID tags represent a technological breakthrough that can help governments and commercial enterprises prevent Brand Piracy/Counterfeiting and secure Brand Protection, Supply-Chain Management, and Security & Defense problems.

Counterfeiting piracy has not only increased but has rapidly expanded unchecked globally. Commercial, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and aerospace industries, to name a few, experience product infiltration with unknown, non-genuine, imitation, after-market knock-offs. These counterfeits and knock-offs are then either knowingly or unknowingly sold to end users and consumers. In addition, regulatory time-limits are looming fast for Pharmaceutical distributors and their supply lines.

cStar's Brand Check Global brand protection solution utilizes Stealth RFID to provide actionable intelligence enabling the prevention and defense against brand piracy. Brand Check Global is a secure and real time validation solution that protects brand image and reputation from tampering and counterfeiting, and supports regulatory requirements with intrinsic serialization compliance and traceability.

Using a Brand Check Global smartphone application, consumers are able to verify a product's authenticity by real time verification with the manufacturer's secure product database prior to making their purchase.

Brand Check Global solutions provide end-to-end authentication of goods/products. Consumers are able to confidently and securely confirm that an item is genuine and has not been tampered with by the tap of their smartphone via secure, mobile, on-line, real-time authentication. Brand owners are able to monitor and track the movement of goods from plant to distributors to the consumer.


About SkyGate® Suite of Products

cStar's SkyGate® suite of products provide the brains and the communications backbone for a myriad of cStar solutions for various industries.  SkyGate® Server is a comprehensive application server platform providing real-time communication, management functionality, and service-oriented framework for integration of services and components, targeting a multitude of industries and vertical markets including Health Care, Life Sciences, Hospitality, and Security/Defence.

About cStar Technologies Inc.

cStar Technologies Inc. is a pioneer of wireless data communication solutions for M2M (Machine-to-Machine/huMan) and mobile commerce applications. Protected by multiple patents, its core solutions include wireless, cashless, and remote monitoring and tracking systems for the hospitality, vending, life sciences, and security/defence industries through a powerful wireless network that can cover from the basement to 40+ floors of a concrete building without airtime charges.



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